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Below you can learn about the experiences other’s have had with Rose Hill Puppies. You can click on any image to see a larger version (if available).

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Simba (mini F1 from Angie/Dorito) at 7 weeks and 6 month old. Weighs
around 20  lb. He’s doing and looking great! Such a sweetie.


Hey Owen just wanted to let you know how Jax’s (Bowen- Toy F1B from Buttercup/Chip/s litter) first vet appointment went. Dr Schulte was very impressed with how everything seems really good with Jax. He said I picked a very good breeder! He said he was so impressed with your guarantee. He said only a really good breeder would offer that. Said he was a really good puppy. I couldn’t go in with him due to COVID but Dr Schulte came out to talk to me. He said Jax never gave him a problem with exam or anything. So thanks again for breeding great puppies especially Jax.

Rey weighs 23lbs!  (aka Gabby from Glory/Chip) She is super smart, loves
to be chased and loves all people and dogs. We can’t believe she is
already a One year old! She is a complete joy to our family and always
showers us with so much love! We are thankful for Rose Hill Puppies –
and especially her sweet mama, Glory!


I wanted to give you an update on Mango (formerly Trixy) from Tulip and Chip’s most recent toy F1B  litter.  I have had her now for five days.  She is such a sweet, spirited and smart little pup.  She got glowing reviews from the veterinarian. He spoke very highly of how well she was taken care of by you and the vaccinations and deworming that you had already done.  He also respected that you had everything so well documented.  He was very pleased with the Royal Canin food you had her on. The vet said she has such a sweet nature that she will likely make a great therapy dog which, as you know, is one of my goals for her.

Mango is so smart and adaptable. She fussed for only about five minutes the first time I put her to sleep overnight in her crate. Since then she goes in on command and doesn’t make a sound for naps or overnight. She sleeps between 5-7 hours at night. She has even gone in on her own a few times to take a nap.   From day 2 she began going to the door when she needs to go potty and rings the potty bells.  She already sits on command, comes when called and is taking to leash training well.  My 11 year old granddaughter already has her going through a small obstacle course.  We have been on the go everyday since I got her home.  When we get off schedule from going places I can get her right back on with no problem.  She definitely loves the outdoors but also loves to snuggle on my lap and is good about entertaining herself periodically.

Thank you again for being so easy to work with and for taking such good care of your dogs and pups. I will keep you updated periodically.

Cindy M.

Hi Owen!

Trigger from Tulip’s litter. I’ve renamed him Jax. He is the sweetest and most loving puppy! He weighs in about 12 lbs at 10 month old. He loves to play with his older brother Benson and any other dog around! He’s quiet full of life. I love him so much!!!

Greetings from our precious Lulu (from Shelia/Cash) she is almost 10 months old. She is the smartest funniest most loving girl! She weighs in around 24 lbs

Hi Owen,

Mazy (formerly Twinkle from Tulip/Cash) is doing really well! She is sweet, spunky, and smart. She does well learning all commands and potty training went smoothly. She loves hanging outside in the shade, going to the dog park, playing with toys, and going for walks. She is 13 lb. At 7 month old.


Here is Solly (from Sheila/Nacho) !! He is the most handsome boy! He loves our little girls so much and they have the best time. He makes us laugh constantly and we can’t imagine life with out him. He went for his first boat right this year and had a blast. He loves every dog he meets and thinks everyone is his friend. He is loads of fun and laughs no doubt. He weighs 28 pounds (2 yr. old now) and has stayed there for the last year. I have a picture from his first boat ride that I wanted to share as it shows his personally fully! The second one is just a handsome boy pic! We swear he smiles 🙂 We can’t wait to give him a brother or sister as he would love to have a playmate!

Hi Owen,

Wrigley (Thomas-from Tulip/Cash) is doing great! He has been perfect for our family. Such a great temperament and trainable. He is going to have it rough when the boys go back to school in a few weeks. Wrigley weighs between 11lbs and 12 lbs at 7 month old.

Hi Owen,

Just wanted to send you a pupdate since we think he is the ABSOLUTE cutest! We’re already considering another doodle! :). Brady (previously Todd from Tulip/Chip) is now 7 months old and 9.5# of fluff! He’s a social butterfly and enjoys his daily “poodle playdates” at the dog park.

Hi Owen,

Piper (Tulip/Pretzel) had her yearly shots this morning and the vet said she is the picture of good healthy and full of Golden Retriever “I love life and people” personality. 

She is 14 months old and weighs 15.6 lbs, and 16″ at the shoulder.

Hi Owen!

Happy 4th of July from Rey! (from Glory/ Chip, at 5 month old))  She is 17lbs of pure floof and cuddles- and is living her best life. She loves everyone and all the dogs she meets. So friendly and sweet. Tricia

Hello Owen,

Jolly (from Jessa/Nacho) adjusted well to our home. His new name is Lambeau, he is healthy and has brought so much love to our lives, the best thing to happen to us especially during quarantine. He was fully potty trained within a month of coming home! So amazing! He is so playful and even more snuggly. 5 months old and he’s almost 14 lbs already!

Hello Owen,

Just an update on “Kathy”..we call Teddy now (from Kayla/Chip). She us doing amazing!! Just had her veterinarian check up and the Doctor said she is doing great!! She is loving and playful and very smart! We are so blessed to have found and met you and your puppy family. Thank you for everything!! You are a caring professional in what you do. Until the next update, thank you again.

Sissy from Sheila/Nacho.  14lbs. at 7 months old.

Hi Owen!

This is Brittany, I wanted to give you an update on Charlie (Sherrod) from Sheila and Nacho’s January 2017 litter: Charlie is such a joy to us! We recently had a baby boy, and he’s been great and gentle with our now 2 month old. Charlie will snuggle up next to him and stays by his side, especially when the baby’s crying. There was no jealousy with the baby, just curiosity and then love. 

Thank you for breeding such a good, loving dog!!! He’s now about 35 pounds at 2 yr. 3 month old, still a great running buddy, and yes, still learning new tricks like “bring it here” with objects in the house.
 I love seeing the pictures of the new puppies and pray you and yours are well! 

Hi Owen, just wanted to give you an update on our new puppy Patrick
(formerly Graham of Glory and Chips litter born 2-9-2020) . He has
adapted wonderfully into his new home! He just turned 11 weeks and
already is so smart. He is very playful and lovable and gets along well
with his big brother who is a standard Goldendoodle that we got from you
three years ago. He seems to love his new home as much as we love having
him. Thanks so much Owen!

Hi Owen!

I just wanted to say thank you for such a happy and healthy pup!! I
named him Archie (from Angie/Chip) and he is loving his new home, and everyone has been obsessed with him! I have been asked so many times already where he’s from so I’ve been telling everyone about you and Rose
Hill Puppies! You might have some people reaching out to you

Stay safe-

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