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Rose Hill Puppies’ Reviews & Testimonials – page 2

Hello Owen! 1/1/23

I wanted to finally check in and give you an update on Gage (Leo) from
Glory/Pringles litter.. I can’t even begin to tell you just how much we all love and adore him and how much fun he is. We laugh at and with him every single day. He brings us so much joy with his sweet and also very sassy personality. Turns out, he is quite the momma’s boy and is my shadow 🤭 But Luke gets plenty of time with him wrestling around and playing outside. My husband is the one with all the patience and does most of the training. Speaking of which, he has done well potty training, using the “tinkle bell”
hanging by the door.

None of us can’t even imagine, nor remember, life without Leo ❤️ Last time we checked he was right around 20 pounds, now 6 month old. Pretty soon it will be time to get his neutering appointment scheduled and get him into a groomer for the first time. I have given him a trim around the eyes to help him see a little better.

He is absolutely PERFECT!

Hi Owen,

I wanted to give you an update on Cinnamon (formerly Scarlet from Sheila/Dorito mini F1b litter). She is turning 1 this November and I couldn’t be more excited! She is super sweet, full of energy and LOVES to travel! Everyone absolutely loves her. Training her was super easy. She’s very smart and picked up on it pretty quickly. We had some accidents here and there but it was mostly due to me not paying attention while working. She doesn’t like to bark, so I set up a bell for her on the door to notify me when she’s ready to go out during daytime. Her last vet visit was in July and she weighed 25lbs which according to her vet, is right on target. Overall she’s a very healthy girl.
Thanks so much!

Mango (formerly Trixy) from Tulip and Chip’s litter of August 25, 2020.

Owen, I hope all is well with you. Thought I would give you an update on Mango now that she is nine months old and send you a few pics.

She now weighs 11lbs 4 oz., is 13.5 inches from top of shoulders to floor and 15 inches long from top of shoulders to base of tail (very long in body). She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. Everyone who meets her comments on her appearance as well as how loving she is. She is great with children and adults. She loves to romp with other dogs, no matter the size! Mango really likes to jump hurdles, play in her newly fenced in yard, work on training and agility, take long walks and hikes. I take her with me just about everywhere that dogs are allowed, including stores and my granddaughter’s soccer games. She is very well behaved. I started training her from day one, so she was able to go directly into the advanced training class for test preparation. She will be taking her Canine Good Citizenship test very soon, and then on to the Therapy Dog test.

She is not bowl fed and gets all of her meals via enrichment activities which she really enjoys. I tend to keep her cut shorter and she just had a grooming the day of these pics. She is wavy/curly, but it seems she is getting curlier now that her coat is maturing.

Regarding health, she did well with her spaying surgery. She does seem to have some slight allergy issues (mostly sneezing, reverse sneezing and eye discharge) but nothing serious and taking her off of all chicken products seems to have done the trick.

Update: 11/11/21


Hope all is well with you and your canine crew.  I wanted to give you an update on Mango (formerly Trixy).  She turned one year old on August 25.  Just today she passed her Canine Good Citizen test!  Once I file the paperwork she will have an official title:  Mango T Morgan, CGC. We both worked really hard to get her prepared for the test, lots of training and patience.  Next step is to work on Therapy Dog training to get her prepared for that test.

 Her annual vet visit was Saturday and her Vet said she is just a wonderful dog both physically and her personality.  She now weighs 14 lbs.  The vet said all of her growth plates are closed now so she has reached her full size.

 She is so sweet natured,  fun loving, and loves outdoor activities.  Thank you Tulip (mother) and Chip (father)!


Hey Owen,

Hank (from Glory/Nacho) is the perfect doodle! His coat and sweet little disposition are exactly what we wanted when picking out a golden doodle and the no shedding thing is real and AMAZING. I have not seen any dog hair in our home. His size is great -not too big, not too small. At 8 months old he is 25 lb. and about as tall as my knees. I do not think he will get much bigger.

Hank is so good with our two-year-old and one-year-old. He lets them pull, poke, and pet him with absolutely no problems. He is the sweetest. Easy to train and very easy to love!

We get lots of questions about him when we are out and always tell people about you! Hopefully it will send somebody your way one day!

Hope you are having a good new year.


Thanks so much for reaching out and for the wonderful holiday package. Theo (from Tulip/Pretzel) has been an absolute delight and we couldn’t be happier. He’s super happy and playful, loves daycare and sprinting around the dog park. Hes been healthy. He’s made lots of friends in our neighborhood too.

He’s up to 14.5 pounds now at 8 month old, and still as cute as ever. I’ve attached a few pictures including one of our wedding pictures that he was featured in. Thanks again for everything!

Hi Owen!

Piper (from Tulip/Pretzel) is learning new tricks weekly and is a real snuggle bug at nap and bed times. She LOVES to look out the window and keep track of what’s happening in the neighborhood. Bringing sticks she has captured in the back yard is also a favorite pastime!

Here is the latest picture. Piper seems to be saying, “C’mon Mom, put down the coffee cup and let’s play!” She is 15 lb. at 8 month old.

Hi Owen!

I wanted to thank you for the Christmas gift you sent to us for ‘Trisha’, who we have renamed ‘Luna’. (from Tulip/Pretzel)

We are so touched by your generous thoughtfulness!

I am attaching a picture of Luna.  She is a true joy.  She has such a sweet personality and is super smart as well.  She has brought so much laughter and entertainment to our house!  She is also quite agile.  She can stand and walk on 2 feet for quite some time. She is now 7 lb. at 8 month old.

Thank you so much for this amazing puppy! 

–Sandra M

Hi Owen,

I wanted to give you an update on Shepherd (from Sheila/Nacho), whom we have since named “Archie”. Archie is settling in well to our home. He loves laying on the kids’ laps, and he even lets them cover him with the Rose Hill puppy blanket you gave us 🙂 He is the perfect temperament and we all adore him. We took him to his first vet appointment today, and the vet, Dr. and all the staff were in love with him. He weighed in at a whopping 7lb 11oz – ha ha! Potty training is going well so far, with very minimal accidents, so we are hopeful he will be completely trained in a day or two. Thank you again for making this process so incredibly easy! We have already recommended Rose Hill Puppies to multiple people we know.

–Sincerely- Rachel B. (Chatham, IL)

Hi Owen,

Our puppy is doing well. We named her Lola (from Jessa/Nacho)
and she is doing great and is very loved. She is very sweet and cuddly.
She is currently about 14 lbs. I had concerns that she was underweight, however, at her checkups they always say she is doing great and is just lean and that is her nature of her breed. I attached some photos to show you how she looks for reference. She is about 2 1/2 years old. Thanks!

Hi Owen,

Thank you for the surprise Christmas presents for Leo. (from Megan/Pretzel) We celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday and he wore the bandanna you sent him. It is his favorite color, blue 🙂 Thank you for being so thoughtful!

We will put the doggy biscuit you sent under the tree for him. Leo is 34 pounds now, likes people and other dogs too, loves to play, chew on yak cheese chews and elk antlers.


Hi Owen,

Here’s Leo! (Drevon from Daisy/ Nacho) Thanks again for calling today. We are just loving our pup! He’s a great guy – smart, sweet, and playful. He is 19 lb at 7 month old. Take care and best wishes for a Merry Christmas season!


Hi Owen,

Mila (from Megan/Pretzel) is doing great. She is officially 1 year old and a healthy 29.5 pounds. She is full of energy and extremely lovable and cuddly. We couldn’t be happier.


Herald - Bentley

Bentley (formally Herald from Cutie/Cash) has been such a great addition to our family!  He is a spunky little sweetie.  We love his coloring, curly hair, and playfulness.  Our family has four teenagers and Bentley stays right in the mix of everything going on.  He’s loves to snuggle but he also loves to play!  He’s a perfect size, weighing 12 pounds at 1 year old.  He loves to go on car rides and explore new places with our family.  We highly recommend Rose Hill puppies if you’re looking for a little four-legged friend for your family!    

–The Laughlins

Our family found the sweetest companion from Rose Hill Puppies last winter.  Olive (formally Karen from Kayla/Pretzel) joined our family in February 2019 and will turn a year old this weekend (December 2019).  She’s the perfect balance of lovable, playful, spunky, and sweet.  She’s both a playmate and a lapdog all in one, weighing 30 lb.  Olive picks up new tricks quickly and does great with basic commands (sit, shake, down, roll over).  Her coat is soft and fluffy and she does not shed.  Our 5 year old son adores her and she is so playful yet gentle with him.  We couldn’t ask for a better temperament. She goes everywhere with our family and is adored by all who meet her.  We highly recommend Owen with Rose Hill Puppies.  He is honest, fairly priced, and great to work with.  He really does raise the best family companions!

–The Garret family

Hi Owen,

Wanted to give you an update on Rosie from Lilly’s litter! (formerly known as Lilac) She is the most precious pup! So silly and smart. Couldn’t imagine life without her, we love our sweet girl! She is 13 lbs. At 4 months old.

Hi Owen,

We are enjoying Toronto (Snoopy from Sheila/Nacho) so much! He is an awesome puppy, well behaved sweet, and smart. He is great with our little ones at home. He is 14 months now and he weighs about 27 pounds.

Ravioli (from Angie/Nacho) is about 33 pounds now at 1 yr old. He is the sweetest most loving dog with such a great personality. He is super playful and so great with other dogs. He has the most beautiful coat and is such a beauty. I am absolutely in love with him and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pup. He is the absolute love of my life!

Allen – Now Rayburn aka Ray (from Angie/Nacho) is doing great. At almost a year old, he’s weighing in at 28lbs. He’s still a ball of energy and I’m so happy that he’s a part of my life. Ray is turned into a very handsome, straight coat boy.

Belle (formerly Karma from Kayla/Nacho) is doing great! She is the sweetest dog ever and could not possibly be any cuter! She’s about 22 pounds now at 2 1/2 yrs old and loves to run and play. She definitely has a lot of energy and is great around kids and other dogs! Thank you so so much for introducing me to the best puppy a girl could ever dream of having!

–Meg N.

We just took Kervin (fromKayla/Nacho) to the vet a month ago and he weighed 32lbs at 2 1/2 yr. old. Obviously, my girls love him and he does really well with kids. He loves being around people and follows me throughout the house all the time.

Bear formerly known as (Kaylin from Kayla/Nacho) has been great. He is 2 1/2 years old now and weighs 29 pounds. He learned to sit, Shake, high-five, lay down, roll over and speak within a few weeks of having him. He was also very easy to potty train. His favorite things consist of going for walks and playing fetch. Thank you so much for our dog. We couldn’t imagine life
without him.

–Patrick and Brittany

Nice to hear from you.  We absolutely love our dog!  My daughter renamed him Teddy (from Kayla/Nacho).  I often call him “Bear.”  He weighs about 40 pounds at 2 1/2 yr. old.  He has a wonderful disposition.  He gets along well with everyone and everything.  He is extremely smart. He even knows how to open doors of kennels to let his friends out!  He does not shed at all, and is a wonderful companion! If you have any prospective buyers who would like to talk to someone with one of your puppies, I would be happy to tell them what an awesome boy he is. I have had many different dogs in my life time, and loved them all. But Teddy really is something special!  He has such a great disposition. Love, love, love him! Blessings to you!


Cooper (from Kayla/Nacho) is an awesome dog and soo great with our kids. He is about 28-30 lb. now at 16 months old. He is very playful, loves to play fetch, and likes to snuggle on the couch. He will also sit and watch TV which is hilarious.


Kertis (from Kayla/Nacho), now Hank is amazing. He was my second doodle from you and both were from Kayla and Nacho. Hank is around 35lbs and just has his yearly check up and is doing great! He and his older brother, Oliver are best buds and the sweetest boys I could ever ask for.

Stella (formerly Kris from Kayla/Nacho) is doing great! She is just around 25 lbs now at 2 1/2 yrs. and has been an amazing addition to our family. Very playful and extremely smart. We have had absolutely no issues over the past 2.5 years, and everyone absolutely loves her.


Here’s a few pictures of Wrigley (Kyle from Kayla/Nacho). He’s now at about 25 pounds at 16 month old. He’s the best! and we love having him as part of our family. Wrigley has a great temperament. He is easy going and is great with our kids. He is playful and loves to be outside.

–Jason P.

Piper (from Tulip) got her first trim today at 3 1/2 month old. She just gets cuter and cuter PLUS she earned an A on every part of her first set of obedience classes!

I can’t thank Rose Hill Puppies enough for bringing our sweet puppy Bentley (from Tulip/Pretzel) into our lives. Owen was an absolute 
pleasure to work with. He helped answer all of our questions and have puppy updates leading up to adoption day. Bentley is a healthy, sweet 
boy and he is SO SMART! Bentley is 3 months old. He is everything we dreamed of and so much more. We highly recommend Rose Hill Puppies if you’re looking to welcome a doodle into your home.

Hey Owen!!

We recently brought home Garry, now Banks, from Glory and Nacho’s F1b mini goldendoodle litter. He has been such a great edition to the family!! He is great with our kids and everyone he meets!! He sleeps very well at night and is learning tricks like sitting and staying very quickly!!! His temperament is a perfect mix of calm and playful, potty training has been going fairly well so far only a few accidents!

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